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Tek Experts has got you covered in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding areas. When your smartphone, tablet, laptop, watch or computer is down and out, you want it back as quickly as possible. We’re your locally owned choice for device repair in Columbus!

At Tek Experts, we handle all of your needs in iPhone Repair, smartphone repair, computer repair, iPod repair, iPad repair, and tablet repair right here in Columbus. A 90-day parts and labor warranty covers all our repair work. We also offer diagnostic services.

If you’re looking for a quality new, gently used or certified refurbished device, look no further. At Tek Experts, we have a large selection of smartphones, tablets, watches and laptops for sale including Samsung, iPhones, Macbooks, iPads. A warranty is included with each device so stop in to see what we have for sale.

At Tek Experts, we are your Columbus stop for repairs and so much more!

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Katherine Gaskins
    I LOVE the Tek Experts. I always go here first. They are so friendly, helpful, and KNOWLEDGEABLE! They have GREAT PRICES, too! In one instance, I was having a problem getting a brand new Dell monitor to work with my CPU. Dell was unable to help and sent me a new replacement monitor, which had the same problem. John King at Tek Experts - an OSU engineering student - knew instantly what was wrong and had the monitor working with my CPU in seconds! Way to GO, TEK EXPERTS!
    Katherine Gaskins
    Verified Google Local Guide
  • Marissa Allen
    I have had to make 2 visits (1 for laptop touchscreen and 1 for the charging port on my phone) to Tek Experts in the last 6 months and both times, they were able to fix my problem within 5 minutes- and refused to charge me either time since they didn't open anything!! Their customer service is unmatched and they were SO EXTREMELY helpful when I went as my last resort.
    Marissa Allen
    Verified Google Review
  • Jonathan Flaugher
    Stopped in last week about an hour and a half before closing to get my iPhone 6 battery replaced. Guys in the store we're friendly, and they were able to take my phone immediately and got it done before closing. Overall it was quick, easy, and affordable. As far as the phone goes it seems to be working well, and the battery is doing as expected, so no complaints from me. If I have further phone maintenance needs I would not hesitate to bring it back here.
    Jonathan Flaugher
    Verified Google Review
  • Ronald Smith
    They provide excellent customer service! I came in with the issue of the power button of my laptop being stuck so I couldn't power on my laptop. I visited multiple other repair shops in a rush because I needed my laptop for some of my college classes but they all had long waits or ridiculous prices. At tekexperts, an employee named Nick quickly took off the bottom of my laptop, identified the problem, and even managed to engineer a fix to another issue I was having all within the hour. I highly recommend this place to anyone needing repairs or looking to purchase a device!
    Ronald Smith
    Verified Google Review
  • Jack Liebersohn
    My phone stopped charging so I brought it in. They offered to fix the charging port quickly and for a reasonable price, but before they did it, they took a careful look inside. Turned out the port was just super linty. A helpful technician spent ten minutes cleaning it for free! Could not be happier. By the way - the guy at the front desk is quiet and sort of ignored me for a few minutes, but don't let that put you off.
    Jack Liebersohn
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  • Theodore Bauer
    I had been having issues with my iPhone 7 lightning port. It kept disconnecting from my headphones and car whenever there was the slightest bump or movement of any kind. I've had the phone for a few years and assumed that the port was wearing out from the thousands of times I have plugged and unplugged it. I called Tek Experts and they were very helpful, giving me a cost and amount of time to replace the port. When I arrived with the phone, the man behind the desk took my phone, looked in the end of it with a light, stuck this tool in the end for about 90 seconds and fished out some thready, linty junk and then plugged it in again. He pulled the cable in all ways and it would not disconnect. He told me he was pretty sure that should do it and I don't need a repair. (That was a few weeks ago and my phone is still working perfectly) I asked how much I owed for his trouble and he said there would be NO charge for anything at all. I insisted I pay him for his time, effort, taking my phone call, etc but he refused, said it was no problem, and to come back if I ever need anything in the future. Impressive. I would highly recommend Tek Experts and will be back!
    Theodore Bauer
    Verified Google Review