The Tek Experts Promise

At Tek Experts, we aim to bring dependable technology solutions to all users. As leaders in the tech repair industry, we do everything in our power to solve our local community’s problems with their technology – be it in our stores or in their homes.

Our History

Our roots were watered by our mission to provide top-notch and accessible tech repairs while focusing on customer satisfaction and high-quality service.

As we grew and expanded our community reach, we continuously added more services to our list of expert repairs. Thanks to our founder Daniel, Tek Experts has diversified over the years and grown to become a go-to technology solutions provider.

Tek Experts Today

In our Columbus headquarters, our team of experts works to provide the best solutions to our customers’ everyday tech problems. From repairs to looking for new devices, Tek Experts is working on improving its services to solve more tech issues.

We make sure to never stop growing as a technology solutions provider and share our knowledge and expertise with our customers.

To do everything possible to solve our customers technology challenges. We do that by providing top notch, affordable repair services, focus on customer care and superior quality of service.

To bring dependable technology performance to anyone in the world.

Through our core values of honesty and integrity, we want to positively impact our employees with job growth and opportunities, our vendors with valuable and sustainable relationships, and our customers with a reliable and guaranteed product or service.

Other Things We Care About

Social Awareness

Tek Experts values the diversity of its employees, partners, customers, and especially our community. Through our core values of honesty and integrity, we want to positively impact our employees with job growth and opportunities, and to embrace the diversified makeup of all persons employed by or partnered with Tek Experts.

We value our team and are committed to building a respected workplace – one of the keys to our successful company future.


Tek Experts is committed to environmental stewardship, reducing e-waste by offering services to extend the lifetime of your device. For parts that can’t find a new home, we depend on an R2 certified recycling company who further repurposes materials for new use.

In our continued efforts to be eco-friendly, we are also working with the City of Columbus to become GreenSpot certified, a community effort to reduce water, electric, and other utility consumption.

Here’s our first list of services:

  • Buying and selling new, used and refurbished cell phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers
  • Repairing desktop, laptop, and Mac computers
  • Replacing the battery in your watch
  • Retailer of Otterbox and other high end cell phone products
  • Offering a wide array of computer cases and accessories

Stop by in order to have access to our best deals and services.