September 4, 2019
laptop repair

On-site cell phone and laptop repair: Three reasons why it matters

Think of the last time you didn’t have your cell phone or laptop immediately available. Chances are, it’s been a while. But if you need cell […]
July 14, 2019
smart phone

How to take great pics with your smart phone

By now, everyone knows how to take a picture with a smart phone, right? You just press a button and boom! A snapshot of your life […]
July 8, 2019
cell phone repair

Cell phone repair: Three things every smart phone user must do to protect their screens

Smart phones. We all love and use them right? These expensive devices are ubiquitous, useful and dare we say necessary in modern life, but they do […]
July 7, 2019
mobile phone

Four ways to “kid-proof” your mobile phone

If you have young children, you probably end up handing them your mobile phone from time to time to stave off a tantrum, keep them busy […]
June 10, 2019

90% off!!

To celebrate six years of serving customers there will be up to 90% discounts on all devices for sale June 10-16!
June 7, 2019

Free Pizza!

Come celebrate six awesome years with us! Free pizza from 11am to 2pm on all Fridays.
June 6, 2019

Half Price Special!

Tek Experts is celebrating their six year anniversary! To encourage our customers to celebrate with us, June 3-9 we will have screen repairs for iPhones at […]
June 6, 2019

All month!

This is our anniversary month! To celebrate there will be $10 tempered glass on select phones and $30 Tek Protect with additional screen repairs at $50 […]
June 1, 2019
smart phone repair

Tek Experts is celebrating six years in smart phone repair (and more) business!

Six years: A lot can happen in that period of time and at Tek Experts, it’s the amount of time we have been in business, doing […]