Device insurance programs for schools: How they work

School – either remote learning or in-person classes – will be starting in a few weeks, and that means students will need devices to do work. Naturally, that means device insurance programs need to be researched.

For schools, device insurance programs are a good idea. Investing in technology for students is a given nowadays but it is a significant investment. And the best way to protect that investment from the inevitable theft, loss or damage of these devices is device insurance programs.

So, how do device insurance programs work?

Device insurance programs are similar to other insurance programs, in that they offer a range of coverage options for schools.

As with any insurance plan, your school can enter into agreements that work best for your student population and demographics. Likely, there is some data that exists to show how students in your district handle technology and devices.

But generally, the terms and conditions include protection against damage, theft or loss of device during the school year. So, if a student accidentally spills a soda on their Chromebook, or drops an iPad down the stairs, that would be covered.

What device insurance programs typically don’t cover is loss or damage that happens deliberately. So, if a student gets angry and smashes his or her device, that wouldn’t be covered.

Neither would the theft of a device if it is left unsecured, like in an unlocked car.

Things like keyboards, cases, chargers and other external devices aren’t covered, typically.

On many policies, there isn’t a limit to the number of claims you can file during the terms of the policy, but you have to purchase a policy within a few weeks of getting the devices.

Also, sometimes there is a deductible to repair or replace a device and there can be a time limit on when you can file an insurance claim.

Even with the rules and restrictions, having insurance on devices used by students is a great idea. Damage and loss happen, so it’s best to protect that investment in your schools!

Tek Experts

We work with device insurance programs and local school districts to make sure students have working devices so they can learn and grow!

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