End-of-the-school-year laptop care: Why you should have devices cleaned and certified

With students working on mobile and remote devices since the pandemic, you might have noticed that their devices have taken a beating. Having the devices cleaned and certified over the summer might be a good idea – and you can hire a professional to handle end-of-the-school-year laptop care properly!

It’s important to make sure these devices are not only clean (we know you know this but kids are messy creatures!) but also certified. This means, your networks are at a reduced risk for cyber attacks because of viruses, malware and other bad actors.

Hiring a professional service to make sure your laptops are cleaned and certified and ready for a new school year is a simple process – and something that your district might not have thought of in years’ past.

The certification process should ideally be done once a year and is essentially a “checkup” for laptops.

When you hire a service provider to handle end-of-the-school-year laptop care, make sure they are:

  • Scanning the device for viruses and removing the ones they find
  • Updating anti-virus software and protections
  • Installing new security patches
  • Making sure the laptop is in good working order and connects to the Internet
  • Making sure any other updates are made and working
  • Removing out-of-date programs and plugins

The device will also be cleaned and sanitized – ready for the next student to use it for learning!

Tek Experts

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