IT repair trends and tips for 2021

Now that 2020 is behind us (and what a wild year that was!), many people are shifting their focus to 2021. So, we are looking at IT repair trends (and tips!) for both personal use and for small business owners

The COVID-19 global pandemic is still raging, although the vaccine is rolling out. So, things could be going back to some level of normalcy this year.

On the horizon, however, is still lots of remote learning for school (from pre-K to college age!), many people still working from home the bulk of their time and lots of time spent streaming, surfing, gaming and connecting online.

For small business owners who have employees working from home, this will likely continue for several more months.

And what all that boils down to is this: Your IT repair (whether it is a personal device or one used for your small business) needs to be seamless – fast and reliable.

With everyone still working, learning and playing at home for the most part, IT repair will continue to play a large role in the lives of most everyone in 2021. After all, you simply cannot afford downtime.

IT repair trends that are likely to be seen are an investment in home networks and managed IT support, as well as looking at ways to get a faster, more reliable connection. For small business owners, investing in managed IT support might also be an option, as security and remote work go hand-in-hand.

Security is also likely to be a major trend. With more people working at home, it’s more important than ever to have a backup system like the Cloud, or other offsite services. No one wants to be caught unaware and lose valuable data because of an inadequate backup service or storage system.

And lastly, things like screen cracks and water damage could become a more prevalent IT repair need as more students are doing at least part of their learning at home – and interacting with friends online more than in the past. If you are a parent, you probably know that kids can be hard on devices!

While no one knows what 2021 will bring, it is certain to be a year that relies heavily on technology, so make sure you have an IT repair plan in place so you don’t lose your ability to work or play (and learn!) at home.

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