iPhone Repairs

Who says it’s hard to find trusted repair shops these days? If you do your homework, shops can be found within the area so there is no reason to fret. Tek Experts is one of the leading electronics shops in Columbus, Ohio. 

For iPhone screen and battery repair, our certified technicians know their way around.


Quick Turnaround Time 

Time really matters to all our customers. First things first, our technicians will find the root cause of the problem. Then, tools and resources are used to repair a faulty iPhone caused by water damage. At Tek Experts, we do our best to fix devices within the day. For additional repairs, our techs will inform you when the waiting time must be extended. 


At Tek Experts, our licensed techs are systematically repairing damaged iPhones. If you still see any technical problems right after repair, return the device to us so it can be fixed for free. We are offering a 90-day warranty that covers parts and labor. To have a better understanding of the company’s terms and conditions, visit us today.  


Great service is not just about repairing devices quickly. We follow a standard protocol to reach our common goal which is 100% customer satisfaction. Our licensed technicians are patiently answering questions from non-technical users in Columbus, Ohio. At Tek Experts, reliability equates to trust. If you think we can’t repair an outdated iPhone, think twice because our techs are still willing to help.  


Every customer wants to save money on quality repairs. Whether you are here for the iPhone screen or battery repair, the service comes at low, low prices. Want to learn more? Get your quote now

Data Recovery 

Missing data on your iPhone? There is no reason to worry because it’s not yet a hopeless case. At Tek Experts, our techs find solutions to your problems with mobile phones. Recovering data is important especially if you can’t seem to find photos, files, and folders. Our technicians are good at data recovery services without sacrificing the overall efficiency of your device.

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Every mobile phone is important to us. If you’re having issues with an iPhone battery or screen, do not hesitate to call us at 614-427-3498. Fill out this online form and feel free to leave your messages so our staff can get back to you. 

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