Smart phone security: Three tips that could save you

Right now, you are probably holding in your hand a smart phone. It likely has apps for your social media, email, banking. So smart phone security should be something you know all about, right?

Not necessarily. Most of us own and use one daily, but smart phone security isn’t always intuitive. Of course, you probably know about using a password to get into your phone but there are other things you can do to keep your smart phone secure.

After all, the data it contains probably keeps your life running smoothly, right? Right.

So, here are three smart phone security tips that could save you. Read on:


Sure, a passcode will keep your smart phone safe but there are other ways to get in. By using certain kinds of software, you can protect your phone if it is lost or stolen by wiping the data – that is backed up or stored on the cloud. You are doing that, right?

If not, start today!

Wireless and Bluetooth

We all love to be on WiFi or Bluetooth for convenience or to save data, but that can put your smart phone at risk. It doesn’t have to, however. You can turn off your wireless when you aren’t using it, protect your home WiFi with a password and also, hide your Bluetooth connection.

Taking a quick peek at your phone’s security can help keep it safe and protected.

App safely

We love our apps but that doesn’t mean they are always good for smart phone security. Some apps can open you up to hackers so make sure you don’t download ones from unsecure sources – especially if they want to access things on your phone like contacts or photos.

And make sure the apps you use for shopping are secure!

Want to add a layer of protection? Make sure you have the latest anti-virus software on  your smart phone.

Tek Experts

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